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Family Friendly Attractions

Spookers features a number of entertainment options suitable for multiple younger age groups.

What a great testimonial to receive.

"Thank you all so much for the awesome Spookers tour on Friday 1 July. It was fabulous! Our students had such a blast!!! What a buzz. They are talking about coming out to see you again one night. I think Warren may still be recovering so perhaps he can stay at home that night - with the pussy cat!

Charlie – you are a star! You described the environment, props and characters so well. I closed my eyes and I could ‘see’ what you were talking about. Honestly – you have been one of the absolute best audio describers we have had the pleasure to meet. Thank you so much – you are a real asset for Spookers.

You all go out of your way to make the Spookers experience memorable and, for us, have truly achieved that goal." Jude. (Visited July 2016)



1 night only Thursday 19tht April

All the fun of the adult Spookers but toned down, no touching, and no blood and gore. Perfect!


After this 1 big eventful night for kids 8 years and older CREEPERS will be No longer be available


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