Orange Light. Bookings are not essential, and door sales are available.
A flashlight (torch) is required for the woods. A cellphone is NOT OK. BYO or purchase here for $12.

When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth

Spookers is an adrenaline-pumping, nail-biting, New Zealand’s scariest horror attraction.

When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth

Step into Spookers and become engulfed by darkness, fear and heart-pounding terror. Spookers is an award-winning experience of laughter and unbelievable horror. Don’t be fooled – you are not safe until you manage to escape. Try your luck at running past these frightening creatures of the dead, as you navigate your way through the number one Haunted Attraction in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Spookers consists of four themed attractions - Haunted House, The Woods, Disturbia and The Fog. Each attraction is theatrically themed with realistic props, lights and sound. Our terrifying monsters will hide in the shadows, chase you with a chainsaw and make you scream bloody murder. Sets and rooms are regularly updated and refreshed as new scare ideas are integrated into the experience.

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Let us take you on the ultimate experience through our attractions. If you survive this nothing will scare you again.

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Our R8 attractions are family friendly with a range of activities suited for younger kids.

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a whĀnau like no other

We are a family of 150+ and each member is accepted and celebrated for who they are. Spookers is an incredibly diverse, creative, loving and talented workforce.

a whĀnau like no other

Our actors switch across attractions, create a new character for each night and learn to apply their own makeup and prosthetics.
If you think that Spookers is just like an amateur carnival ride at a show, you are wrong, very very wrong. Opened late in 2005, Spookers Haunted Attraction has become one of the Auckland’s signature tourist destinations.

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Check out Spookers documentary directed by Florian Habicht. The film will take you behind the scenes of our horror attractions, showing the actors, the organisers and everything that goes into making Spookers what it is.