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SPOOKERS TRAUMA TEAM-medical moulage

Simulation-based education is a widely utilised tool for medical training. Simulation techniques can employ a range of fidelity to incorporate realism; medical moulage is one such technique.

SPOOKERS TRAUMA TEAM-medical moulage

why make medical simulation seem real?

There is an ongoing need for realistic injury simulation training.

- Very life-like injury simulations increase the knowledge and performance of first responders.

- Accurate and graphic casualty simulations used in training scenarios lead to faster response in casualty incidents.

- What is realistically experienced and learned is better retained, and results in superior performance.

what happenes during the simulation?

-Professional casualty simulation using actors and SFX makeup techniques.

- Injuries including accident, shock, amputation, penetration, chemical, biological, radioactive, explosive, etc.

- Acting includes aspects of trauma, shock, loss of consciousness etc.

how does medical moulage help first responders?

-  By using realistic moulage to better equip first responders to deal with actual trauma.

- Injuries and performances are perfected so that the results will be as close to realistic injury scenarios as possible.

-  Casualty victims will act out the chosen traumas appropriately and professionally by bringing the dimension of reality.

who does medical moulage?

- Spookers Haunted Attraction Scream Park actors.

-  Spookers Trauma Team is used by the New Zealand Defence Force for injury simulation training.

-  Selected from over 100 actors who work two nights a week using SFX makeup to create realistic horror characters.

-  A team of the best professional haunted attraction actors who perform moulage at the ultimate level of realism, and with the most innovative techniques available.

-  Ability to refresh makeup/injuries quickly and efficiently.

-  A team who can perform a trauma scenario time and again.

-  Actors who can adlib a scenario repeatedly, and make it seem fresh for each trainee.

where does the simulation take place?

- At your place.

-  At our place; Spookers, Karaka, Auckland. We have indoor space, a forest, and realistic sets to suit most scenarios.

-  We have meeting space, a café, a restaurant, and a bar for after the workshops.

-  Packages can be tailored to suit all requirements.

“What have you done to his eyes?”

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“What have you done to his eyes?”