Spookers will re-open on Friday 3rd Dec for R.13 attractions with PRE-BOOKED tickets ONLY. We will only have 2 time slots per night 8:15pm and 9pm. You must be fully vaccinated.

Family friendly scares

Spookers offers an exciting range of activities for kids and families. We use experienced scare actors who are able to change the level of scares and frights to suit the age of the victims. All attractions are strictly R8.

Family friendly scares

taste of terror

Taste of Terror is the perfect way for kids to experience Spookers. It consists of a tour around the Haunted House guided by one of our actors and a self-guided tour of Disturbia in 3D with no other actors. The experience includes some scares and behind the scenes tour, where your kid will learn some of the secrets of the Spookers attractions.

The experience includes

Haunted House

Walk through the theatrically themed Haunted House guided by one of our experienced actors.


This is a self-guided tour that consists of walking through tight spaces, loud noises and flashing lights.

Behind The Scenes

Learn about Spookers and actors during this behind the scenes tour.


Be warned that there is some fairly graphic gore in several of the rooms. We are very aware that adults can rationalise what is happening, but children are more at risk of not understanding where real ends and make-believe begins. We have no interest in traumatising children but appreciate that many of you would like to bring your children for a tour through Spookers.
The tour guide will make every attempt to vary the tour to suit the participants’ tolerance level, but we cannot guarantee that every child will cope well. Please use your discretion.

birthday parties

Bring your child to Spookers for a Birthday that they will never forget! Prepare your kids for a really fun day of walking through our Haunted House and Disturbia attractions, eating a delicious variety of party food and themed cakes as well as extras like horror makeup and lucky dips. Design and book your own 'spooktacular' birthday party by completing the booking form.
Booking is essential. Strictly R8. Available every Saturday.

Book your party

Prices and hours for r8 package

R8 Scare Package includes a guided tour of Spookers Haunted House, with a Spookers actor, a self-guided tour of Disturbia in 3D and a Behind the Scenes tour.

Adult - $25
Child - $20
Family Pass (2 adults and 2 children) - $70
Family Pass (extra children) - $15 per child
Student (ID required) - $22

The Taste of Terror will not open until January 8th 2022

The Taste of Terror will not open until January 8th 2022.

We will then be open Weds - Sun 11am - 4pm

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